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BARUFC U12’s v Durham City

BARUFC U12’s v Durham City

Jacqui Teasdale21 Nov 2023 - 10:28
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So Close!

Score 5-6
Well what a game!! Despite a number of changes of host over the preceding 24hrs, a long walk to the pitch and very boggy conditions, the team played so well today!

The brief was to take confidence and all the positives from the last game and go at Durham from the first whistle which would set the tone for the game. The lads certainly delivered and were aggressive and determined. Our press in defence keeps getting better, and our counter ruck is a joy to watch.

Durham had 22 players, one team for each half which was the only difference between us as the conditions contributed to tired legs towards the end of the game. But we were the better team for large portions of the game, showing some great direct 'go forward' and support. We could be better in using the space, the pitch was massive and the team were asked to 'flash' the ball once their defence were sucked in, but we were still guilty of running into crowds, and not getting the ball out wide. This will come with time and experience, moving away from the playground mentally where we think we can just run through everyone. We also need to be quicker to breakdowns, securing our own ball and going lower into contact. Frustration boiled over a couple of times, with passion turning to anger, and again we need to be better at channeling this into our play.

But overall, a performance to be proud of, the makings of a great team and so many positives going forward. Decision making at critical moments (exploiting space) and tired legs was the only difference today.

MOM went to Finley Gill (Drummond) today for his all round game. Was superb from start to finish, aggressive but controlled, hard in the tackle and made great ground going forward.
We were complimented by the Durham coach on our rucking ability, lovely when you get positive feedback.

We go again against Durham in two weeks, with our handling and 'flash' ball improved we'll give them another great game!

Well done lads!

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